Samsung ML-1660/1665 red light fix firmware bypass cartridge page limit

I needed to hack my Samsung ML-1665 so that the annoying red blinking light telling me the toner is almost empty will go away, and that I can keep using the existing cartridge until I decide it is time to change a new one. Each cartridge has a chip to keep track of your print jobs and will stop printing once you have reach its "limit" of pages printed regardless if there is still toner left or not.

There is a firmware update that can be installed in some ML-1660/1665 printers if you have the OS version 30. You will need to print out the configuration page in order to find out your printer's OS version. Note that you will need a working printer to print this page. So if your printer has the solid red light and refuses to print any more pages, you must get another cartridge to print this page. Follow the instruction below.

Press and hold down the print screen button on the printer for about 3
seconds. You will see (1) status light starts flashing fast (2) status light
stops flashing (3) status light starts flashing slowly. Now release the button and the configuration page will print.

Now, if your OS Version ends with 30, you can get this firmware upgrade that will bypass the cartridge page limit.$$$$$